Hear what our clients have to say

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"One of the best places to train and get results and it is worth all of your dedication! I don't live very close to Studio Physique but just one session with Justin back in February, and he had me hooked! I dedicated every free day to coming out here for the amazing work outs, and it has been about 3 months now. This is the place where I have seen most results, the place that has pushed me way beyond my limits and has made me realize how much potential I have to go even further with my goals. Justin will train with you and push you as hard as you are willing to go, he is extremely supportive and the nicest guy in the world! He works with everyone's individual needs to make sure that nothing at this gym is "cookie cutter". 

Everyday is different, every work out is different and besides the incredible trainer, the community here is the best! everyone is welcoming and nice, giving it a great atmosphere to work out in. A clean and modern place with all kinds of equipment and I love the music he has blasting during every work out :) they even offer acupuncture services and other work out classes that you can sign up for, the rest of the staff here is just as amazing! If you're ready for a change, this is the place to be!"

- Mane