What a year can do 

Client Spotlight: Anthony Reid, Jr. 

SPAC: Your fitness routine has drastically improved over the course of the past year. What propelled you to make such a significant life change? 

REID: I think that for the last 6 years I kept telling myself I was going to get back on a gym routine. But every day I either came up with an excuse or was just too lazy. After 7 straight years of excuses I decided enough was enough.

SPAC: The majority of people who start a fitness program are unlikely to sustain that program for six months let alone a year. What keeps you motivated? How have you been able to maintain such a high level of commitment to your health and fitness?

REID:  In the early months motivation was easy, I was getting larger in all the wrong ways so I wanted to slim down some and improve my self-discipline. Each day staying motivated gets a little harder, but I always think back to my initial gut feeling that got me into the gym in the first place. I can quit if I want but then I’d be admitted to myself I didn’t really want it when I started working out last year. When you really want something, you’ll find a way no matter how difficult or inconvenient. I consider that my motto for showing up each day.

SPAC: When you started with us last year, you memorably nearly lost your lunch after a modified loop of a circuit... now we can barely keep up with you. What does it take, mentally, to see yourself through this kind of transformation? Take us through what’s going on between your ears as you approach and execute your workout on a typical day.

REID: Honestly, my approach coming into each day is “let’s just get this over with”. There are plenty of other things I’d rather be doing, but, again, I never let that aching gut feeling go. I channel those frustrations and anxieties and release them in each workout. It gives you the strength to push through the workout and when it’s over, you realize your problems aren’t so bad.

SPAC: Starting an exercise program can be scary. Do you have any advice for the folks who are starting or thinking about starting an exercise program?

REID: Get comfortable being uncomfortable.  Being tired and sweaty isn’t fun but you have to push through.

SPAC: Favorite Exercise at Studio Physique?

REID: Surprisingly I I’ve grown to love burpees

SPAC: Most dreaded exercise at SPAC:

REID: When I first started I loved wall balls, now I’ve come to hate them haha

SPAC: Any other thoughts, memories, fun or funny moments?

REID: I’ll never forget my first EMOM workout. Some people came in interested in signing up at the gym while I was on the final set. The first thing these people see is me struggling to do just 1 push up…

SPAC: You’ve come a long way!